Slavery and Human Trafficking

Vocare Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2018

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is intended to tackle modern slavery by consolidating various offences relating to human trafficking and slavery. The Transparency in Supply Chains Clause (clause 6) was added retrospectively to the act and requires organisations to report on the processes and due diligence taken to ensure that their supply chains are slavery free and publish a slavery and human trafficking statement each financial year.

Vocare is a healthcare organisation providing call advisers, clinician advisers for NHS 111, nursing, paramedic and pharmacy staff as well as GPs. It provides support staff in administrative, reception, managerial and driving roles.

Our business suppliers involve technological companies, pharmaceutical and health care suppliers and office equipment suppliers.

Vocare acknowledges responsibility to the Modern Slavery Act and will ensure transparency within the organisation. Vocare has well established and robust recruitment and vetting procedures, details of which are found in its Safer Recruitment Policy. Although it undertakes due diligence within its own business regarding its position on slavery and human trafficking, it cannot provide assurance that our suppliers undertake similar thoroughness. However, Vocare is seeking such assurances and has undertaken a request of the review of such controls by our suppliers. Vocare will not deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking.

We assure ourselves that our internal processes are sufficiently rigorous by undertaking routine audits of our staff as well as ad hoc checks.

We are arranging that our staff will undertake on line training in raising awareness of slavery and trafficking.

The Head of Human Resources will be responsible for compliance and the Head of Assurance for assuring Vocare that these measures have been successfully undertaken. The Vocare Council will review and ratify these provisions on an annual basis.

This policy statement will be reviewed annually and published on the company’s websites.

Andy Gregory
Managing Director

Dr M Harrison
Organisational Medical Director
Date: January 2018