Mission Statement

Vision (the kind of world which we want to help co-create)

For this country to enjoy the provision of health and care services which are the best in the world, helping its population to experience:

  • Improved health outcomes
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Greater social inclusion
  • A better quality of life

Our Mission (our role in helping to achieve our vision)

To be the urgent healthcare provider and partner of choice for the NHS, with a range of services which will allow them to provide better clinically led, evidenced based, innovative and sustainable services for patients

Our People Values

  1. People Centred – our greatest investment and assets are the
    people who work for us. We will value and support them to deliver our services to the
    best of their ability
  2. Team Work – while we recognise the talents of individuals we understand that the best
    care is delivered when working as a team. We will be inclusive with staff at all levels and
    we will respect and support our internal and external colleagues with whom we collaborate
  3. Passion – we will approach everything we do with energy, drive, determination
    and enthusiasm
  4. Investment – we will invest in training and developing our people
  5. Leadership – we will challenge those who lead us to earn the respect of their teams by
    demonstrating integrity, vision, competence, openness and inspiration

Our Care Values

We believe that in delivering our care we need to:

  1. Be patient-centred – we will provide patients with care or treatment that is tailored to
    their needs and preferences
  2. Respect patients – we will treat all patients equally, fairly and with dignity and
    respect, and act in accordance with their wishes. We will support patients to remain
    independent within their communities
  3. Be safe – we will provide evidence-based care and treatment in a clean and safe
    environment. We will safeguard vulnerable patients under our care, and operate
    strong governance and assurance systems
  4. Have the right staff – we will safely recruit the right number of staff with the
    qualifications, competence, skills and experience to ensure high-quality care is
  5. Be responsive – we will investigate complaints and concerns thoroughly, and learn
    from them. We will obtain patient feedback and act on it. We will behave with candour
    and be transparent across all Vocare services

Our Organisation Values

  1. Solutions Focussed – as a leading provider of urgent
    care services our strength lies in the broad range of our
    offering for those who commission us. Wherever possible
    our starting point is to promote Vocare, our specialist
    expertise and the breadth of our capabilities
  2. Commercially Driven – only by generating recurring
    surpluses will we be able to continue to invest in delivering
    our mission. Accordingly, we must ensure that we are
    appropriately funded for the care we deliver
  3. Innovative – we have a strong record of innovation and
    will continue to be an innovator in the services we provide
  4. Partner of Choice – we endeavour to be a partner of
    choice for commissioners and other partners, wishing to
    complement their skill set. We will act with honesty and
    respect and be open minded with our partners. We will
    negotiate firmly but fairly

Andy Gregory
Managing Director
January 2018